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Collaborate with Postman Workspaces

Workspaces make designing, developing, and organizing APIs easy.

Collaborate Better with Workspaces

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Roles & Permissions
Easily control who can view and edit API elements. Postman provides roles at different levels to help teams manage the permissions for users.
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API Elements
Collaborate on API elements with your team. Workspaces help you and your team keep track of API elements including tests, environments, mocks, and monitors.
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Single Source of Truth
Organize your team’s workflow with a single source of truth. Workspaces streamline collaboration by providing a single source of truth that teams can easily maintain.

Workspaces are for Everyone

screenshot the Postman app showing the API definition tab

Personal Workspaces

  • Keep your work separate and organized when working individually.
  • Only you can see your personal workspaces, so only you can make changes to your APIs, collections, and API elements privately.
  • Create unlimited personal workspaces for free with a free Postman account!
  • Organize collections, environments, and other Postman elements into topic-specific workspaces.

Team Workspaces

  • Team workspaces allow quick and easy sharing and collaboration between team members and across teams.
  • Create unlimited team workspaces with a free Postman account!
  • Create teams by inviting colleagues to join a shared workspace.
  • Maintain a single source of truth with your team.
  • Make your workflow more efficient with versioning, forking and merging and the other collaboration tools built into Postman.
screenshot the Postman app showing the API definition tab

Share APIs, Collections, and API Elements in Team Workspaces

screenshot the Postman app showing the API definition tab
  • Collaborate on an unlimited number of requests in personal and team workspaces with Postman Pro and Postman Enterprise.
  • Project-specific workspaces provide organization and visibility into API development.
  • Workspaces include shareable team request history, enabling developers to debug requests and API usage collaboratively.
  • Sync and share API elements including tests, documentation, mock servers, environments, and monitors.

Get Started with Workspaces