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Postman for Back-end Developers & Teams

Automation, Testing, and Monitoring
postman spaceman and planet
spaceman jetpack, oh yea
Modern software is built on APIs. Postman makes it easy.
Mock Servers
  • Simulate a back-end service, allow split-stack development
  • Save mock request responses as examples
  • Mock single endpoints or an entire API
  • 1,000 free mock server calls/month for all Postman users
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API Monitoring
  • Flexible monitoring of APIs, based on Postman Collections
  • Monitor API uptime, responsiveness, and correctness
  • Detailed reporting of monitoring results
  • 1,000 free monitoring calls/month for all Postman users
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Better testing starts with better documentation
  • API documentation, viewable as a web page
  • Code examples based on chosen language
  • Customizable logo, colors, and domain
  • Documentation created directly from the Postman collection description
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