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Start building voice and messaging into your software or solution with Bandwidth's platform.

Accurately and quickly model propagation for any radio system above 20MHz, anywhere in the world.

Add US shared short code and international local shared long code messaging to your apps. SMS is the global messaging API.

Jusibe API allows you interact with your account in Jusibe. It is a simple REST API that allows you to send SMS, check your SMS credit balance and check the delivery status of a sent SMS.

Onlinesim's API allows you to send and receive text messages from popular mobile carriers, and social networks.

A Productive VAS Service Delivery Platform For Iran Telecommunication Systems

Shoutpoint’s Programmable Voice and Messaging API enables you to architect and embed intelligent communications into your application.

The SMS Works provides a low-cost, reliable SMS API for developers. Pay only for delivered texts, all failed messages are refunded.

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